1.   What are the minimum qualifications required by a student to study in Cyprus, Belgium, Ireland USA, UK, Australia?

3 passes in GCE A/L or 2 passes in London A/L or completion of other qualifications. Students need to sit for the IELTS and obtain satisfactory marks.


2.   I have only done O/L only,can I apply for a course in any other country?

Yes, you can apply to study in Cyprus, Singapore, Malaysia, and India


3.   I need to apply for a course in Cyprus, Belgium or Ireland, What are the required qualifications?

You should complete A/L, if not you should have relevant job experience.


4.   What are financial requirements?

You should have a financial background or we can support you to find a sponsor for your requirement. Every Sri Lankan Bank provides education Loans for overseas studies and you should not be worried of finances any more…….


5. Is there any age limit to study in other countries?

For most cases, No. We can advise you relevant to similar problems.


6.   Will I be able to take my family along with me?

Yes, you can


7.   If I don’t have the necessary funds to go to Australia, UK, New Zealand,

USA, or Canada. What should I do?
You can study in Cyprus, Belgium, Ireland, Singapore, China,Malaysia, or India.

8.   How can I get the details regarding the courses I intend to follow?

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